May – Quote of the Month

You can not hang out with negative people & expect to live a positive life”

I wish I knew who said this quote. This is so very true. Not just for me but anyone. This is a lesson that I am working through right now. In my situation I always fall into this “negativity trap” with people. I’m so in tune with others feelings that when they are negative or passive aggressive I tend to absorb those feelings & project them on to others. When I am around those who are negative I complain more & its harder for me to “snap out” of those bad moods. Most people can meditate or ignore the negativity & I look up to those people. For me art is my form of meditation. I love getting lost in the art making process. It truly relaxes me & makes me feel more positive.

I’ve really been trying to step away from the negative people in my life. I believe you can live a happy positive life despite all the negativity out there, its just a matter of working through it. After all what is the point of this crazy world if you aren’t happy?

So go out today & make a positive change in your life. Stop talking to that person that is always bringing you down. Go to a different grocery store where the people are nicer. Leave a job you hate because your boss is constantly being negative. Hang out with more positive people that make you feel like a better person. You are in control of your life, so go out there & make it a happy one!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Let me know how you ward off negativity from others or what positive changes you are making to live a happier life.

Happy Creating!

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