What’s next?

Hello all!

This month is focused on change and growth. I usually procrastinate and overthink, therefore causing me to get anxious and worrisome about change. However there have been some new opportunities for me recently.  In this case I was very excited and jumped at it without a second thought. I started a second job this month. It’s a part time job where I can work from home. This has given me a boost of confidence to follow through with other work from home ideas. Such as starting to produce some art for my Etsy shop that will open soon. Beginning this process has been very exciting. Typically I get the ball rolling with my art or website and then suddenly it stops. For the most part it is my own doing. I get nervous or lose focus. Yet now I have a new motivation. Three months ago I had a beautiful little baby. Being on maternity leave these last few months makes me want to stay home with baby T all the time. Realistically this is not possible for me right now, yet I know its a reachable goal. So this month I am focusing on the positive moves I have to make in order for this to become attainable. I plan to expand my mind not only artistically but also on the business side of things. I don’t like putting myself out there so networking is always my downfall. Nonetheless I just finished watching Yes Man   and feel a new sense of motivation. So keep an eye out for an Etsy update on here or my other social media accounts. Until next time, Happy Creating!


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