World MoyaMoya Day!

May 6th is World Moyamoya Day!


Moyamoya is a rare disease that effects the arteries

in your brain.  The arteries become blocked or “tangled” and can cause

strokes and other symptoms.  The word Moyamoya is Japanese for “puff of smoke”.

  My aunt was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease in 2013.

In support of her and others with this disease I ask you all to 

create a light blue balloon.  

You can write on your balloon either your loved one’s name, their initials,

the letters MM or even WG (my aunts initials).

Be creative!

Draw, paint, create your own light blue balloon.

Take a picture of it and set it free into cyberspace for all to see! 

Here is a fun music video that singer/songwriter Blue Day Do made

called “Big Blue Balloon”

MoyaMoya balloon square - created by Nicole Joliada 2018
created by Nicole Joliada 2018

Please take photos of your balloons and post on

instagram, twitter, Facebook, or even on here.

When you post please use

#MoyamoyaWG or #WorldMoyaMoyaDay and tag @NicoleJoliada

I hope many of you will participate.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!

We need to raise awareness about this disease in order to help

others. There are links at the bottom for more information. Please take

a look and share them, thank you!

*All links above helped me further understand Moyamoya disease.  These links are informational and are not meant to be used for medical advice.  These links are strictly used to raise awareness.


Share on!

Nicole Joliada

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