Art is in my soul

I have always been creative. When I was a child I drew on walls like the best of us. Instead of punishing me for it my mother put up brown paper bags & gave me oil pastels. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawn to art supplies (no pun intended). With time I experienced tons of different mediums. Whenever I convinced myself that I had found my one true love another art form swooped in & I fell in love with that one too. When I was working on my BFA at Molloy College I finally realized that I didn’t need to be “monogamous” (so to speak) with my art supplies. I then began mixing mediums & the most magical thing happened. All that love I had for those supplies separately, amplified! I was creating paintings & then layering on pastels & pens. I built ceramic sculptures and found myself adding texture with fibers to make my piece more realistic. In the end I felt accomplished, more than ever before. I had learned along the way that my love affair with mediums wasn’t my downfall it was a gift. This whole time I had been learning the ins & outs of each supply individually. Now I get to take the best part of each of them & combine it with the best part of another.

*One of my mixed media sculptures (front & back) along side one of my doily dreamcatchers*

With all this new found love & appreciation for my creativity I decided to turn it all into a business. The question was what would I create? I’ve always admired dreamcatchers & the meaning behind them. Around 2017 is when I fell in love with the process of creating a dreamcatcher. I felt so inspired from that knowledge that I started creating more & more of them. I decided I loved creating them so much that it was finally time to officially start my business. I was always so worried about what I would create & sell as an artist yet I didn’t have doubts this time. This time it felt right. When it comes to creating these beautiful dreamcatchers weaving the inner web is probably my favorite part. I find it very relaxing & meditative. I respect & admire the traditional style of authentic dreamcatchers. Yet I also love thinking up new color & tassel designs. Sometimes the creativity is so overwhelming I have to just stop what I’m doing & write down all of my ideas. When I say write down I really mean quickly scribble random words on paper. If I’m lucky they actually form sentences that I’m able to go back to later & hopefully they make sense haha. I’m so thankful for those bursts of inspiration. They keep me motivated & help me realize the abundance of possibilities that my artwork could grow into. But for now I will continue to create my dreamcatchers one beautiful web at a time. Eventually I will expand my shop by adding macrame items, weavings, art prints, & perhaps even more. Until then I hope you are enjoying my art & my process. Thank you for being here.

–  Nicole Joliada

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